30 Local Community Leaders And Organizations Stand Up Against Measure L

29 Sep 2014
by Vote L No

Sacramento, CA – In a change of pace from politicians, political organizations, and special interests with downtown development goals stating their support for Measure L, those closely engrained in their communities have stood up to oppose Measure L. Grassroots leaders who may not have a political PAC, but do live next door to friends and families, and can actually vote in the election announce their opposition to the mayoral power-grab.
Additionally at least four Neighborhood Associations have had official votes to oppose Measure L. These groups include the Southside Park Neighborhood Association, Marshall School/New Era Park Neighborhood Association, Midtown Neighborhood Association, and Newton Booth Neighborhood Association.
“The Measure L backers say our current system isn’t broke; they just want to make it better. For whom? The large developers supporting it will prosper, but not small business people like me” said Mark Abrahams, President of the Land Park Community Association*. Abrahams continued, “It’s impossible that neighborhoods and small business could be strengthened and empowered by this, as claimed. The measure’s financial supporters will prosper, but not us.”
“This is a power grab pure and simple” said Michael Benjamin of Oak Park. Benjamin continued, “The community voice is the last standing piece of a political system built to represent the people. A collective voice is what the people of Sacramento want. We need to practice trickle up politics, not trickle down politics. The people’s voice should be the loudest.”
This adds to the growing list of those opposed including: The League of Women Voters, The Democratic Party of Sacramento County, The Sierra Club, Common Cause of Greater Sacramento, The Environmental Council of Sacramento, Teachers, Carpenters, & Plumbers Unions, City Council members Steve Hansen, Kevin McCarty, & Darrell Fong, former Mayors Anne Rudin & Heather Fargo, former City Council members Bonnie Pannell, Ray Tretheway, Sandy Sheedy, & Lyla Ferris Hanson, and former County Supervisors Illa Collin, Ted Sheedy, & Grantland Johnson.
* For informational purposes only, does not designate organizational endorsement or support
See attached second document for the full list of community leaders opposed to Measure L
For more information please visit http://www.StopThePowerGrab.org.

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