Elected Officials Stand Up To Measure L

16 Oct 2014
by Vote L No

Sacramento, CA – Noting the Yes on L campaigns efforts to appear diverse in support of both pay-to-play special interest AND the officeholders those interests lobby, many local elected officials wanted to state their opposition to strong mayor ballot measure. These include:
Darrell Fong, Sacramento City Councilmember
Steve Hansen, Sacramento City Councilmember
Kevin McCarty, Sacramento City Councilmember
Anne Rudin, Former Mayor of Sacramento
Heather Fargo, Former Mayor of Sacramento
Burnett Miller, Former Mayor of Sacramento
Deborah Ortiz, Former State Senator and Board member, Los Rios Community College District
Lyla Ferris Hanson, Former Sacramento City Councilmember
Bonnie Pannell, Former Sacramento City Councilmember
Sandy Sheedy, Former Sacramento City Councilmember
Ray Tretheway, Former Sacramento City Councilmember
Joe Yee, Former Sacramento City Councilmember
Illa Collin, Former County Supervisor
Grantland Johnson, Former County Supervisor
Ted Sheedy, Former County Supervisor
Genevieve Shiroma, SMUD Board President
Susan Patterson, Former SMUD Board Member
Bruce Pomer, Former Trustee, Los Rios Community College District
Harold Fong, Trustee, Sacramento County Board of Education
Sacramento Councilmember Kevin McCarty stated, “Measure L is wrong for Sacramento, which is why I stand with the neighborhoods, Common Cause, and the League of Women Voters in urging you to vote no.”
Former Mayor of Fresno and now Sacramento resident Karen Humphrey stated, “I was the Mayor of Fresno who supported that city’s move to a strong-mayor system in 1993, but both the city’s needs and the specifics of the measure are very different in Sacramento. Fresno’s measure did prove that no structural reform is a “magic bullet” to cure all our ills—but one without justification is much less likely to create progress. Sacramento is headed in the right direction. Measure L is a dangerous change to oversight and accountability and it should not pass.”
Additionally previously announced organizational endorsements include The League of Women Voters, The Democratic Party of Sacramento County, Sacramento County Young Democrats, The Sierra Club, Common Cause of Greater Sacramento, The Environmental Council of Sacramento, Teachers, Carpenters, Stationary Engineers, AFSCME & Plumbers Unions, and the Marshall School/New Era Park Neighborhood Association, Midtown Neighborhood Association, Newton Booth Neighborhood Association, Sierra Curtis Neighborhood Association, and the Southside Park Neighborhood Association.
For more information please visit http://www.StopThePowerGrab.org.

Paid for by Stop the Power Grab – No on Measure L, Councilmember Steve Hansen Ballot Measure Committee ID # 1365950, 1787 Tribute Rd, Sacramento, CA 95815.