Environmentalists Unified In Opposition to Strong-Mayor Measure

24 Sep 2014
by Vote L No

Sacramento, CA – In an increasing show of opposition momentum to the strong-mayor ballot measure the Environmental Council of Sacramento, the Sierra Club, and Common Cause of Greater Sacramento, all announce their opposition to Measure L. These environmentalists and environmental organizations will play a critical role in defeating the misguided power-grab known as Measure L.
The Environmental Council of Sacramento (ECOS) President, Richard Guerrero, stated, “ECOS recognizes that Power is an environmental issue. Because Measure L includes who has the power to make decisions on regional and community sustainability and a healthy environment for existing and future residents, the board voted to oppose Measure L. ECOS feels that the present form of government better allows for transparency, accountability and dialogue with a body across the political spectrum to create solutions that are good for the environmental and the people of Sacramento.”
Charlene Jones, a leader within Common Cause of Greater Sacramento stated, “We are excited to oppose Measure L, and will lead a community campaign to stop the concentration of political power at city hall. By saying NO to Measure L, Common Cause shares a commitment to a government that serves the public interest, not the monied special interests. And keeps our democratic process in the hands of the ordinary voter.”
Opposition campaign leader Councilmember Steve Hansen expressed appreciation and excitement at the growing coalition. “With partners ECOS, Common Cause, and the Sierra Club walking and talking with voters by our sides, and the existing team we already have together I’m very confident for our chances in November. The more voters learn about this misleading and misguided effort the less they like it, that’s what we’ve seen in polling, and what I’m experiencing every day in my district.”
This adds to the growing list of those opposed including: The League of Women Voters, The Democratic Party of Sacramento County, Teachers, Carpenters, & Plumbers Unions, City Council members Steve Hansen, Kevin McCarty, & Darrell Fong, former Mayors Anne Rudin & Heather Fargo, former City Council members Bonnie Pannell, Ray Tretheway, Sandy Sheedy, & Lyla Ferris Hanson, and former County Supervisors Illa Collin, Ted Sheedy, & Grantland Johnson.
For more information please visit http://www.StopThePowerGrab.org.

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