Eye on Sacramento Pokes Major Holes in Measure L Proponent Argument

09 Oct 2014
by Vote L No

It’s a huge week for your Stop The Power Grab campaign! Absentee ballots should be hitting mailboxes across Sacramento in the next day or two. It’s imperative you Vote L No and mail those back in as soon as possible. We need a strong showing from our absentee voters if we’re to defeat this mayoral power grab.

In case you missed it, Eye On Sacramento released its independent analysis of Measure L, and it wasn’t pretty. Eye On Sacramento ripped the mayoral power grab proposal for its intent, lack of details, and detrimental impact on Sacramento.

Addressing a packed house last week at the Clunie Center in East Sacramento, Eye on Sacramento President Craig Powell and Director of Research Dennis Neufeld warned voters to Vote L No. They highlighted several studies that show city manager governments are more efficient. They also discussed the possibilities for corruption and how disenfranchised councilmembes would be under a strong mayor system.

The Report summarized Measure L’s Yes argument by saying, “The campaign literature of the “Yes” campaign argues that the current charter is “outdated” and that while the city is not broken, Measure L “is just better.” We find such justifications to be exceedingly weak.”

Volunteer Opportunities
Will you please share our message with your friends and neighbors and help us phone voters and knock on doors all over Sacramento? Together, we know we can defeat the power grab.

When: Saturdays (9:330 – 12:30pm) and Sundays (10:30 – 1:30pm)
Where: 1021 F St. in Midtown Sacramento
What: Walk in pairs to canvass targeted precincts provided.

When: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5:30pm – 8:30pm starting tonight.
Where: Sacramento Democratic Party HQ, 1033 S St., Sacramento
What: Bring your cell phone and help us call targeted voters on lists provided.

If you can’t walk or phone to help defeat Measure L, please help us with a donation to keep our grassroots campaign going. Every donation counts, no matter how small. Please visit our website at StopThePowerGrab.org and donate today. While there, be sure to visit our Facebook page and make your voice heard by sharing your thoughts about the mayoral power grab with your friends, and ask them to join us.


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