Pro Measure L Committees Playing With Funny Money

14 Oct 2014
by Vote L No

Sacramento, CA – In the continued themes of denial, deception, and desperation the Yes on Measure L official campaign committee has decided to hide their funds under the auspice of a firefighters committee. It also appears as though Mayor Johnson has given up on his own controlled committee, and is now donating to the firefighters union controlled committee for the purpose of airing television commercials, along with developers, special interests and the Yes campaign itself. This is detailed on the Sacramento City Clerks website.
Filings specifically include:
 On 10/2 the firefighters union opened and contributed $50,000 to the “Protecting Sacramento” committee (FPPC ID # 1371425). This is no surprise given that their contract is expired and the union is actively negotiating with the City for millions in pay and benefits.
 On 10/9 Mayor Johnson personally donated $49,000 to the firefighters committee. Why only $49,000? Because sums at or above $50,000 are required to be disclosed in communications disclaimers.
 On 10/9 the Sacramento Tomorrow committee (FPPC ID # 1364891) which until recently was the primary campaign committee for the Yes campaign transferred $100,000 to the firefighters fronted group.
 On 10/10 the Conway Family Trust and the Pacific Coast Companies, Inc. both entities NOT based in Sacramento collectively donated $75,000.
Charlene Jones leader in the good government organization Common Cause of Greater Sacramento stated, “I’m not surprised. When supporters claim Measure L is the road to good governance, you can bet it leads only to politics financed through a system of legalized bribery. Whether it’s secret committees, conflicts of interest, or putting the interests of cronies ahead of the public’s, that’s how these guys look to operate. So we must challenge this!”
This newly created so-called “Firefighters” committee has been open a little over a week, and in that time taken in $274,000! With only $50,000 or 18% actually being from a firefighters union this is misleading at best and obviously intended at deceiving Sacramento voters as to the true source of funding. This continues the Goliath special interest funded efforts to pass Measure L. The No campaign is proud to include the following individuals and groups in opposition, but not anywhere near the funding levels:
The League of Women Voters, The Democratic Party of Sacramento County, Sacramento County Young Democrats, The Sierra Club, Common Cause of Greater Sacramento, The Environmental Council of Sacramento, Teachers, Carpenters, Stationary Engineers, AFSCME & Plumbers Unions, City Council members Steve Hansen, Kevin McCarty, & Darrell Fong, former Mayors Burnett, Miller, Anne Rudin & Heather Fargo, former City Council members Bonnie Pannell, Ray Tretheway, Sandy Sheedy, & Lyla Ferris Hanson, former County Supervisors Illa Collin, Ted Sheedy, & Grantland Johnson and the Marshall School/New Era Park Neighborhood Association, Midtown Neighborhood Association, Newton Booth Neighborhood Association, Sierra Curtis Neighborhood Association, and the Southside Park Neighborhood Association.
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Paid for by Stop the Power Grab – No on Measure L, Councilmember Steve Hansen Ballot Measure Committee ID # 1365950, 1787 Tribute Rd, Sacramento, CA 95815.