Sacramento Said Yes to Professional Management

12 Nov 2014
by Vote L No

As you are no doubt aware by now, Measure L, Sacramento’s ‘Strong Mayor’ initiative has been soundly defeated. It’s because of you, every single one of you who voted L No, and helped reject the power grab. Thank you for your vote. Thank you for your support. And thank you for your time. This was the dictionary definition of a grassroots effort.

Sacramento residents spoke loudly on Tuesday. But we didn’t just say no to Measure L, we said yes to professional management, yes to keeping the power in the hands of the voters, and yes to a city where everyone has an equal voice.

This is an issue Sacramento has been wrestling with in many forms for years. After Tuesday’s decisive defeat, we can now finally close this chapter and move forward. That includes enacting many of the good government reforms you’ve been hearing about, like the creation of an Ethics Commission for Sacramento. I will push for this in the days and weeks ahead.

Let’s also be clear about something else. This was not a rejection of Mayor Johnson. He’s an energetic leader, with a strong vision for Sacramento. He’s done many great things for our city, and we’ll support him as he continues to do so over the next two years.

To all of you who supported us financially, with your time, through social media, and with your vote, thank you! It’s because of each of you that we are finally able to put this issue behind us and move forward. Together.

Paid for by Stop the Power Grab – No on Measure L, Councilmember Steve Hansen Ballot Measure Committee ID # 1365950, 1787 Tribute Rd, Sacramento, CA 95815.