Teachers Unify To Halt Misguided Strong-Mayor Measure

09 Oct 2014
by Vote L No

Sacramento, CA – Continuing the momentum of growth, the coalition opposing the strong-mayor ballot measure added several new members to the team. Adding to the already announced California Federation of Teachers and Los Rios College Federation of Teachers, the Sacramento City Teachers Association, the Natomas Teachers Association, Twin Rivers United Educators, and the California School Employees Twin Rivers Chapter 1717 all have joined forces with the existing coalition to clearly state that educators do not like what a strong-mayor will do to our students, schools, and City.
Sacramento resident and local teacher Brenda Borge stated, “I don’t like what Measure L is about, we’ve got a well performing local government where officials work together and get things done. To break that up, to remove oversight from the Council while also making the Mayor less directly accountable is a mistake. And the mistake won’t only effect Sacramento over the next few years, but will be a mistake our kids will regret for decades to come.”
Downtown resident and special education teacher John Ennis stated, “Measure L is not needed. The city government is functioning just fine in its bi-partisan way. There are adequate checks and balances in place to allow the city government to progress.”
Leaetta Brooks-Hollan, a bus driver in Twin Rivers Unified School District with CSEA Chapter #1717 included, “Control of City Government should not be concentrated almost exclusively into the hands of the mayor which could lead to cronyism, backroom deals, and city council members disempowered to be able to meet the needs of their neighborhoods.”
“I’m a retired teacher and I’m happy to see that the teacher unions are united in their support of voting no on strong mayor, Measure L” stated Sacramento voter Pat Sager Handley. Hadley continued, “It does nothing for students or families and only gives more power to the mayor, which he certainly doesn’t need. Measure L makes no sense. It doesn’t promote transparency and democracy. The voters see that and I’m pretty sure they’re going to vote it down again.”
This adds to the growing list of those opposed including: The League of Women Voters, The Democratic Party of Sacramento County, Sacramento County Young Democrats, The Sierra Club, Common Cause of Greater Sacramento, The Environmental Council of Sacramento, Carpenters, Stationary Engineers, AFSCME & Plumbers Unions, City Council members Steve Hansen, Kevin McCarty, & Darrell Fong, former Mayors Anne Rudin & Heather Fargo, former City Council members Bonnie Pannell, Ray Tretheway, Sandy Sheedy, & Lyla Ferris Hanson, former County Supervisors Illa Collin, Ted Sheedy, & Grantland Johnson and the Marshall School/New Era Park Neighborhood Association, Midtown Neighborhood Association, Newton Booth Neighborhood Association, Sierra Curtis Neighborhood Association, and the Southside Park Neighborhood Association.
For more information please visit http://www.StopThePowerGrab.org.

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